Tabletop Horse Racing Simulation

Last update: 09. June 2022

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Break out of the boxes

When we start the race, we want to know is, which of the horses is the first, that breaks out of the box?! Or in other words, how is the reaction time? This value can change from race to race and actual condition of the horse, so we roll the dices, to set the result, based on this Break Table (B), for each of the horses.


This can be done before the race or combined with the first run field roll - it depends on your personal choice. Sometimes you'll get negative results, this means, that the horse has overslept the start and is a little bit delayed. Sometimes a bad start can change the outcome of the race completely.

Please note, that I also plan to improve this part with personal values for each horse in the future, to adjust or compensate the result - based on the age and experience of the specific horse.

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