Tabletop Horse Racing Simulation

Last update: 10. June 2022

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Galopp tracks

For standard galopp races you can use one of the tracks below. They all have the standard length of 60, 80 or 100 fields (10 fields = 1 furlong).

Shifnal (UK)10010Turf
Aiken (US)10010Dirt
Oshawa (CA)808Dirt
McKinney (US)10010Turf
Southsea (UK)606Turf
St Asaph (UK)606Turf
Regina (CA)808Dirt
Middlebury (US)808Turf
New Hope (US)10010Dirt
Sedgefield (UK)808Turf
Welsh cities (UK)808Turf
Sorel-Tracy (CA)10010Dirt
Charlestown (US)10010Dirt
Houma (US)808Dirt
Withernsea (UK)10010Dirt
Pawtucket (US)808Turf
Yakima (US)808Dirt
Norwood (US)808Turf
Alameda (US)10010Turf
East Providence (US)10010Turf

If you want, you can extend the length of the tracks by your own. In this case add every 4 additional fields a (P) power value to decrease the power of the horses. A good advice is to subtract the last power value two times, for the next segment three times and so on... because the horses will get tired more and more!

Fence tracks

If you want to run on action tracks with jumps like CRABBIES GRAND NATIONAL or the wild PINEAU DE RE races, then you can also use this tracks here. They have on specific fields fences to jump (the value in column J marks the field position on the scorecard). In this case you'll need to use the last column on the RUN table for the additional dice roll on each jump to get the result. Stay healthy!

Montr (CA)808361013Turf
Halifax (UK)10010471114Dirt
Glassboro (US)808361013Dirt
Worthington (US)10010471114Turf
Weehawken (US)10010471114Turf
Thetford (UK)10010471114Turf
Southam (UK)808361013Dirt
Dulverton (UK)808361013Turf
Goole (UK)10010471114Dirt
Santa Cruz (US)10010471114Turf
Hammondsport (US)10010471114Turf
Castle Cary (UK)10010471114Dirt
Hyde Park (US)808361013Dirt
Sandhurst (UK)808361013Dirt
Paducah (US)10010471114Dirt
Allentown (US)808361013Turf
Cheboygan (US)808361013Dirt
Globe (US)10010471114Turf
Bar Harbor (US)10010471114Turf
Epsom and Ewell (UK)10010471114Turf

If you want to run on really long distances, use the advice from above or just add 2~10 fields or 1~2 furlongs between each segment and double the amount of fences. Don't forget, that this will also increase the possibility, to fall and drop out of the race!

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