Montag 27. März 2017

# Großartiger Text! Bei Fefe drüben entdeckt und erst heute im Zug zum Lesen gekommen: To Wash It All Away (PDF). \o/

"In summary, Web browsers are like quantum physics: they offer probabilistic guarantees at best, and anyone who claims to fully understand them is a liar. At this stage in human development, there are big problems to solve: climate change, heart disease, the poor financial situation of Nigerian princes who want to contact you directly. With all of these problems unsolved, Web browsing is a terrible way to spend our time; the last thing that we should do is run unstable hobbyist operating systems that download strange JavaScript files from people we don’t know.

Instead, we should exchange information using fixed-length ASCII messages written in a statically verifiable subset of Latin, with images represented as mathematical combinations of line segments, arcs, and other timeless shapes described by dead philosophers who believed that minotaurs were real but incapable of escaping mazes. That is the kind of clear thinking that will help us defeat the space Egyptians that emerge from the StarGates. Or whatever. I’m an American and I don’t really understand history, but I strongly believe that Greeks spoke Latin to defeat intergalactic Egyptians. TeachTheControversy! Anyways, my point is that browsers are too complex to be trusted. Unfortunately, youth is always wasted on the young, and the current generation of software developers is convinced that browsers need more features, not fewer. So, we are encouraged to celebrate the fact that browsers turn our computers into little Star Wars cantinas where every- one is welcome and you can drink a blue drink if you want to drink a blue drink and if something bad happens, then maybe a Jedi will save you, and if not, HEY IT’S A STAR WARS CANTINA YESSSSS."

Über das liebe Netz und Browser. Und zwar so geschrieben, dass es sehr amüsant zu lesen und auch zu verstehen ist. Auch für nicht so technisch versierte Menschen durchaus mal ein netter Einblick. Und eine schöne Darstellung unserer kaputten Netz-Welt, die eigentlich mehr aus Klebeband und Uhu besteht - als aus Professionalismus und HighTech. ^^